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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Free Kunduz from the Taliban!

Contributed by Manezha and translated by Pari from Dari, for the Afghan Women's Writing Project. The original poem can be found here.

I sigh and feel pity for Kunduz 
Pain of Kunduz is my pain
I feel sad for my country
My sighs burn in my chest

What a disaster
It strangles our throats
This selfishness
Kunduz is burning 
We are in Kabul thinking about food
While children die from hunger without even a piece of naan
Who is responsible in this country?
Who are the supporters of my country?
National Unity
I don’t believe in it any more
I want to escape from this city
I am tired of this country of war and tears
I feel pity for my country
For the hungry people
Who have no clothes
And cannot even find water to drink
God! My greatest lord!
I want justice
Remove these pains from my country
Free Kunduz from the Taliban!