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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Taliban! Leave My Country

Contributed by Pari, for the Afghan Women's Writing Project. The original poem can be found here.

My poem is for you!
For your generation of fear and panic
You are fathers of killing, blood, pain and sorrow
I remember you
I still remember
That day you stoned Zarmena
And hanged Doctor Najib
I remember you beat me with cables
Because I dressed in men’s clothes
After those twenty bloody years
I tried to forget you and your wrongdoings
I tried to remove those thorns in my body
I tried to heal
You are back now in Kunduz
You attacked the city
But I knew you were there
I knew how you hid in other provinces
You killed people the same way
You were cruel the same way
You were against humanity and good life
The same way
You make women your slaves
You hide us under the worst thing
The burqa
I am free from that burden now
Free of slavery now
And I care for my people and my country
My country is not for you
You don’t deserve Afghanistan
You deserve hell
As you make us live in hell
As long as I and the Afghan people are alive
We will fight against you
We won’t sit silent
We want our freedom
You do not belong in Afghanistan
Go away Taliban!
You hid me under the blue burqa
You didn’t know, I became a fighter
But I don’t fight like you
Killing people to accept your outdated ideas
I fight against you, not with bombs and rockets
Not with fire, blood, darkness and tears
I fight you with my voice
You don’t dare to listen
You are blind to reading my words
Your mind is empty
You live in the cemetery of history
I fight with my poems, my words
I throw them like a hammer
Into your thoughts
I think differently
I believe in change,
I believe I freedom and love